Extrapolation software according ISO 9080

Extrapolation software according to ISO 9080

ISO 9080

This standard describes a method for estimating the long-term hydrostatic strength of thermoplastics materials by statistical extrapolation. The method provides a systematic basis for the interpolation and extrapolation of stress rupture characteristics at operating conditions different from the conventional 50 years at 20°C.

This extrapolation method is designed to meet the following two requirements:

  • to estimate the lower prediction limit (at 97,5% of probability level) of the stress, which a pipe made of the material under consideration is able to withstand for 50 years at an ambient temperature of 20°C using water as test environment

  • estimate the value for the lower prediction limit (at 97,5% of probability level) of the stress, at either different times or different temperatures, or on occasion both.

SEM Software

A software package has been developed according to the ISO 9080 analysis (standard extrapolation method). It is recommended to use this software package.

The graph shows the result of a SEM analysis whether a knee (which demonstrates the transition between ductile and brittle crack behaviour) is found or not.

The final result of the SEM (standard extrapolation method) for a specific material is the lower prediction limit (at 97,5% of probability level) of the hydrostatic strength, expressed by the hoop stress, at a given time and given temperature.

The SEM software runs on PC with Windows operating system. The hardware requirements are minimal, any PC able to run Windows operating systems may run the SEM program (suitable for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10).

This software package maybe ordered at Becetel®.

For information, . For registration, complete the registration form available on www.iso9080semdisk.com/register. After receipt of the registration, an invoice will be issued. When we receive proof of payment, you will be informed with a username and password, with which you may download the software.

SEM v3.4.5


Open a new data file and fill in the available data or data may be imported, e.g. from Excel, when in suitable format (1st column temperature, 2nd column hoop stress, 3rd column failure time).




Results (Estimations)

Results (estimations)
Results (estimations)

Results (Predictions – Knee position)

Results (Predictions  Knee position)